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January 18 2015

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Dyed some @carouselink ivory burlesque leggings dark green. I can never have enough green clothes! #oaktreefarms steeple boots in black. It’s hard to see in the photo but I added metallic copper highlights. #dying #clothes #leggings #boots #diy #modification #diyfashion #carouselink #legs #burlesque #anachronisminaction #garters #fashion #stripes #steampunk #victorian


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December 03 2014

August 24 2014

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Colette (Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, 28 January 1873 – 3 August 1954), French author. In drag. Which makes her just that much more awesome.
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August 22 2014

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Late 1870s
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Dinner Dress, 1870s
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Ball Gown
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Dinner Dress, 1876
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Dinner Dress, 1876
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Dinner Dress, 1876 - Detail
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Dinner Dress, 1880
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ca. 1887
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